General Questions

For what will my data be used?

Your data will be included in the average data of your branch. Your data will not be shared with a third party.

How do I become a member of my national association?

That differs per association. Please go to your national association’s website for more information about a membership. 

How do I know the information I receive is reliable?

All data submitted by participants are checked by employees of the Ecommerce Foundation prior to entering them into the database. This is done in order to prevent the inclusion of biased information. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all figures submitted by participants are precisely accurate. However, as all information is displayed anonymously, participants do not have any interest in submitting altered figures or percentages.

How up-to-date is the information I receive?

Every time a new business in your industry joins the Ecommerce Benchmark, the industry averages are updated. 

I am a cross-border company, am I allowed to participate?

Sure why not? You will be benchmarked on industry, not on country.

Is my data safe?

Yes, absolutely! The Ecommerce Foundation is seriously committed to protecting all data and personal information submitted by participating companies. We guarantee the confidentiality of all figures requested, and also that these will not in any case be disclosed to others. Internally, in the Foundation, access to individual data of participants is also extremely restricted. Your individual data will never be used for any other puspose than benchmarking. Only industry averages will be displayed on the website and other publications by the Ecommerce Foundation.

Is the benchmark available in my language?

Please check the top right corner of your screen and see whether your language is already available. 

My company does not use the Internet as a sales channel. Is the Ecommerce Benchmark also intended for me?

Sorry, but no. The Ecommerce Benchmark was designed to solely support companies currently working with e-commerce or planning to do so in the near future. Information available through the Benchmark is unlikely to be useful to companies from outside the sector.

What are the costs of participating in the Ecommerce Benchmark?

Participating in the Ecommerce Benchmark with 21 KPIs is 100% free. You do not need to pay any subscription fees or for use of the website. There are no hidden fees!


What is Ecommerce Europe?

Ecommerce Europe is the association representing 25,000+ companies selling goods and/or services online to consumers in Europe. Founded by leading national e-commerce associations, Ecommerce Europe is the voice of the e-commerce sector in Europe. Ecommerce Europe is a founding partner of the Ecommerce Foundation.

What is the Ecommerce Benchmark?

The Ecommerce Benchmark is a free service allowing companies to compare their e-commerce activities with those of competitors, based on 21 Key Performance Indicators and in an anonymous and save way.

What is the Ecommerce Foundation?

The Ecommerce Foundation’s is a foundation whose mission is to help companies to expand and improve their e-commerce activities with key market data, practical expert insights & cross company benchmarking.

Free Benchmark

Do I have to answer all questions?

No. In case you do not have all information available when filling in the questionnaire, you can leave determined areas blank and go ahead with completing your form. You will immediately receive your benchmark results for the sections fully answered but will be unable to see your results for the sections left blank. Nevertheless, you can always come back to the website and add or modify any information you might want, using your personal login and password. 

Does de Ecommerce Benchmark give me possible solutions as well?

The free benchmark does not provide you with any written solutions. It does, however, give you the right figures so that you can easily draw your own conclusions 

When my country is not yet participating, am I still allowed to complete the benchmark?

Of course, the free benchmark is for everyone! When you want to do a premium benchmark you will get a discount when you are member of a national association which is member of the Ecommerce Foundation. 

Premium Benchmark

What are the biggest advantages of the premium benchmark?

In the premium benchmark you can compare over 80 different KPIs within your industry!

What is the difference between the Free and Premium Benchmark?

The Free Ecommerce Benchmark covers 21 Key Performance Indicators. After you enter the KPIs you’ll get benchmarked online immediately and in real time.

The Premium Ecommerce Benchmark covers over 80 Key Performance Indicators. After your request for the Premium Benchmark, you will receive an Excel form in which your can complete all KPIs. As it takes more time to check all the data and make a report, we request a fee of €499 for the Premium Benchmark. However, we offer a 50% discount to all Ecommerce Europe members.


Custom Benchmark

May I choose the consultancy firm?

Yes, we work together with a maximum of three certified consultancy firms in every country.
It’s completely up to you to choose with which of these three firms you want to work.

What are the biggest advantages of the custom benchmark?

In the custom benchmark you can compare over 150 different KPIs. You are also provided with advice by a consulting partner selected by you. 

When will there be consulting partners available for my country?

The Ecommerce Foundation is looking for consulting partners for all countries where the benchmark is implemented. These will be available as soon as possible. We will communicate this through different media.  

Get your results immediately
  • Gain insights into your e-commerce performance
  • Compare your performance with that of industry leader
  • 100% free
Premium Benchmark
  • Gain insights into your e-commerce performance
  • Get Benchmarked on more than 80 KPIs
  • Enter KPIs in an easy-to-share Excel document
  • 50% discount for Ecommerce Europe Members
Custom Benchmark
  • Professional advice on how to improve your e-commerce performance
  • Set targets with a certified consultancy firm
  • Full custom-made advice