✓ Improve your e-commerce achievements

In order to improve you e-commerce performance you have to find out how you score in comparison to your competitors. However, competitors can rarely share their data openly with each other. The Ecommerce Benchmark offers you the opportunity to compare your KPIs with those of competitors in an anonymous and free way.

The Ecommerce Benchmark does not only compare Key E-commerce Indicators, but also identify possible solutions for improving your performance.


✓ Free of charge, with no obligations

The Ecommerce Benchmark is free of charge for 21 KPIs. After registration you can start the Ecommerce Benchmark immediately, without any obligations.


 ✓  Anonymous

You can complete the Ecommerce Benchmark completely anonymously. We will never show your company name on our website without your permission. In addition, we will never provide your contact details to any third party without your consent.


✓ You don’t have to complete all KPIs in order to get benchmarked

No worries if you don’t know a certain KPI or your company doesn’t work with that Indicator. You can skip that particular field and the result benchmark page will simply not show that benchmark.


✓ Real Time

The Ecommerce Benchmark provides you with a real-time result. Therefore we advise you to regularly return to the website to update your benchmark.


✓ Suitable for all e-commerce companies

The Ecommerce Benchmark is suitable for all e-commerce companies; small, medium or large, in both the B2C and B2B segment.

Get your results immediately
  • Gain insights into your e-commerce performance
  • Compare your performance with that of industry leader
  • 100% free
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  • Gain insights into your e-commerce performance
  • Get Benchmarked on more than 80 KPIs
  • Enter KPIs in an easy-to-share Excel document
  • 50% discount for Ecommerce Europe Members
Custom Benchmark
  • Professional advice on how to improve your e-commerce performance
  • Set targets with a certified consultancy firm
  • Full custom-made advice
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